We could use your help!

For years, Cell 411 was the best app for decentralized emergency response (see it in action here). Then, the original creator fell on hard personal times and Cell 411 fell into disrepair. In 2020, the Shire Free Church took over the project and open sourced it for the first time ever. Our main programmer, “Nobody” has worked hard to update and improve the Cell 411 code, but is getting burned out. He needs help.

Can you program for Android or iOS?

If you can’t program, are you willing to be a tester?

Right now, Cell 411 is not working, and we need your help and talents to get it back to operational so people around the world can rely on it to bring help when needed.

Please join our Matrix or Telegram support chats to get connected. You can also find our code at our Gitlab here.