Cell 411 Version 3 is finally released after much anticipation and it has a whole suite of improvements, including a new User Interface (UI), a new video streaming engine, better and faster location services and improvements in battery life.  The new version was released in order to provide improvements to user workflow and faster response. Version 3 of Cell 411 is available right now for free on their Download page. And this is just the beginning.

The new UI was developed in response to user feedback and recommendations on how to make the app easier to use and faster to issue to and respond to alerts. Alerts are not historically available to any user so even past alerts can be reviewed and mapped out as users desire. Furthermore, the app now has a brand new video streaming engine that supports HD streaming, and will soon implement even 4K streaming support.

Users groups and communities are easier to manage and control, and public cells and now easier to find and search for.  The app has been substantially improved as a result of users contributing positive feedback.

Cell 411 has also recently announced a commercial Control Room offering for commercial entities, security companies, universities and other organizations that want to offer decentralized safety monitoring and services to their employees, students and communities. The Control Room offering will be available later this summer after the beta testing has been completed.

The company also announced an upcoming Personal Panic Button, which will be available for sale as soon as testing and integration is completed successfully. The hardware button will be integrated with the app and can be worn around a child’s neck, a jogger’s wrist or a lone farmer on his belt clip. The button can be pressed and instantly issue a Cell 411 emergency alert without having to touch a smart phone and potentially lose precious time. The button can also be used by family members who may find themselves in danger during a home invasion or by activists or journalists who may be assaulted on the street during dangerous incidents.

“We have been working very hard to work in parallel on quite a few exciting products and services that will make the lives of our users safer, and we have now arrived at a point in time where all our hard work will show into the amazing things we will have available for the users. Our upcoming Control Room software and the Personal Button will save lives, and this is why Cell 411 was initially created,” said Virgil Vaduva, founder of Cell 411.

“We are proud that our platform is making the world a safer place, that it helps activists, families and entire cities safer by removing monopolistic services from the picture and allowing citizens to take direct control of their safety,” said Vaduva.

Cell 411 has been adopted by tens of thousands of users all over the world, especially in South Africa where violence is out of control. The app is also popular throughout the United States, Western Europe and many other places where citizens have encountered abusive police officers or lack of police protection.

Due to its positive effect on the world, Cell 411 has also been selected by the Victoria & Albert Museum to be features in its Future of Design Exhibit and has also kicked off a $2.5 million investment round in order to pursue a world-wide release and further its growth in the emergency response market.

The app can be downloaded and used for FREE at http://getcell411.com