Cell 411 Inc. released Version 4 of its emergency management and response app, together with the release of a blue tooth hardware panic button, a wireless low-energy blue tooth device that can be used by Cell 411 users to trigger alerts without touching or unlocking their smart phones.

Version 4 of Cell 411 introduced a few new improvements over previous version including a “soft” panic alert, which allows users lacking a blue tooth device to also issue panic alerts. But the biggest addition is the addition of the blue tooth panic button, which is is perfect for users engaging in lone activities such as jogging. The panic button can be a life-saving device for students walking alone to and from school, farmers and young women traveling alone.

Panic Button on Keyring

The Cell 411 panic button can be placed on a keychain, belt clip or lanyard

The panic button also has a feature called “fall detection” which engages an accelerometer whenever hard impact is detected from the user. This feature could be particularly useful for elderly people living alone who are in danger of falling, or even for users who may experience a car accident and become incapacitated. When a fall or impact is detected, Cell 411 will automatically send an emergency alert to the user’s friends, notifying them of the emergency.

Introducing the Cell 411 panic button will literally save lives and help our users maintain the safety and security they deserve. For the cost of a few coffee cups, parents can now rest assured that their children can call for help with one touch of a button. Joggers can take their buttons along and elderly users can tap it and call their families for help whenever they need it,” said Virgil Vaduva, founder of Cell 411. “And the best part of it all is that there are no monthly fees,” said Vaduva.

The blue tooth panic button released by Cell 411 is water proof, dust proof and has a battery life of 1 year, depending on usage. Enabling the fall detection mode will substantially reduce battery life, but otherwise one small battery can power the device for months without need to recharge.

The Cell 411 Panic Button is available for purchase right now at an introductory price of $24.95.