Welcome to Your Cell 411 Panic Button

A guide to your personal emergency button

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Thank you for purchasing a Cell 411 Panic Button. This bluetooth device allows you to issue emergency alerts via Cel 411 to your friends, neighbors and family members without having to unlock your phone or physically touch the device.

The Cell 411 panic button must be first paired to your smart phone via the Cell 411 app.  DO NOT pair the panic button to your smartphone via the standard iOS or Android bluetooth settings.  In order to pair your panic button, please follow the instructions below.

Panic button pairing instructions:

  1. Download and install the most recent version of Cell 411 from http://getcell411.com/download; You must run at least version 4 of Cell 411. Version 3 and lower do not support the panic button.
  2. Open Cell 411 on your device and tap on the main icon in the map screen, then tap on the red “Panic Button” menu option
  3. You will be prompted with several options; tap “Manage Cell 411 Panic Button(s)”screenshot_2016-09-08-13-42-21
  4. Tap the “Pair New Device” button to pair a new button or “Paired Devices” if you have already paired buttons beforescreenshot_2016-09-08-13-42-30
  5. Press and hold your Cell 411 panic button for 10 seconds until it beeps and light flashes green, then release the button
  6. Tap “Next” on your Cell 411. You should see a device containing the name “VALERT” or “ALRT” listed on the screen; tap this device.screenshot_2016-09-08-13-42-38
  7. Wait for about 30 seconds or a minute until Cell 411 pairs the Panic Button.

Now you may issue emergency alerts by pressing the button for 3-6 seconds and then releasing the button.


To issue a panic alert: press and hold button for 3-6 seconds then release.

To power off the panic button: press and hold button for 30 seconds until it beeps several times and light goes off.

To power on the panic button: press and hold button for 10 seconds until it beeps and then release.

You can go into Settings -> Advanced Panic Settings in order to configure the recipients you want for panic alerts. By default, all your Cell 411 friends will receive the panic alerts that you may issue.  If you do not wish to alert all your friends, you may select one or more private or public cells to alert.

To change battery, gently press and twist the back cover of the button then replace the battery; press and twist the cover back to close it back up. Please note that improper battery replacement may damage the rubber seal that keeps the button water proof!